Well what a day!

Wiltshire were in Solihull today playing in the ICC semi Finals against Hereford. We haven't played them for a while  so weren't sure what to expect.

At half time we were 9- 7 up. 

Could we stay awake for the second half?

 Lucozade Sport drink were doled out to help energise the team which seemed to work for most, as we finished level on shots 173 each but won on points 23 - 17.

Well done everyone for a great day.

Commiserations to Hereford who gave us a very hard fought match.

Onto Melton Mowbray next month to play Cheshire in the Finals.

ICC Premier 2 Final 16-Apr-23

Overall scores for the session were Wiltshire 4 points, 43 shots; Cheshire 4 points, 47 shots.

Final results with the bonus points added: -

Wiltshire 12 Points, 164 shots.

Cheshire 28 points, 215 shots.

Cheshire fielded a very strong team which included a number of England international players and we therefore performed extremely well.

The attitude and belief of the whole squad has been exemplary throughout the entire season and I am proud to have been part of it.

We now look forward to the challenge of next season where we will be facing new (but familiar) teams.